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More Sci-Fi/Fantasy

The other thread has the potential to get insanely long - maybe suggestions should be made w/ the genre in the subject? *shrug*

Anyway, my list of favorites.

Top author on my list is Steven Brust. Most of his novels take place in the Dragaeran world. The five-book trilogy (yes, that's what it is) starting with "The Phoenix Guards" is similar to Dumas' "Three Musketeers" in both story and writing-style, and they are all thoroughly enjoyable. The majority of the other books follow the story of Vlad Taltos, a short-lived human who is uncommonly well-established among the long-lived races of Dragaerans, told mostly in first-person in a very laid-back writing style. And anything else Brust has written has proven thoroughly enjoyable.

Another favorite author is, predictably, Orson Scott Card. Most people have read "Ender's Game" and other 8 related books, but if you want to step back from the sci-fi world, "Enchantment" is the story of Sleeping Beauty... who is discovered still sleeping in the modern day. She's awoken by the Russian-born, American-raised Ivan, and two bridges form, one leading to her world, and one to his.

Robin Hobb has a number of interesting books. So far, I own three of her trilogies (I probably won't purchase the next 'til all three books are out in paperback). Fantasy novels, all three trilogies are intertwined. Both the Farseer Trilogy and the Liveship Traders Trilogy can more or less stand alone, but to read the Tawny Man Trilogy, you should really read the Farseer books first, at the very least.

And last, for now, a surprising interest was Jacqueline Carey, an author I discovered only because I was often hunting for Card's books, and Carey's novels happened to be right next to his. I picked up "Kushiel's Dart" and loved the setting, the story, and the writing style.

I know you don't want book reviews, quix, and I hope this was at least along the lines of what you wanted for this community. :)

So, yeah, if you're familiar with any of those, that's what I like to read, and if you have recommendations along those lines, I'd love to hear them!
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