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recommendabook's Journal

Recommend A Book!
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Suggestions for that next great book
My biggest problem after I finish a book is always, "Okay... now what?" So, often times, I wander through the book store, hoping that a particular book title or cover will catch my eye and I'll get lucky. Of course, that leads to a lot of bad choices. Reading reviews can only help so much because, after all, they don't necessarily have the same tastes as I do, do they?

LJ didn't seem to have a solution (seriously, I was shocked), so I thought, okay, let me see if I can do this!

Here's the idea. Post a list of books you've loved and/or books you're trying to find something similar too, and the community will respond with recommendations based upon what they perceive your tastes to be! Still some room for interpretation of course, but better then you'd be able to get most anywhere else!

The only way for this to be truly successful is for it to have LOTS of members! So tell your friends to join! We need lots of readers so that we can find the best match for the book you're looking for!